According to Tim Cook in his article, “”Personal protective equipment during the COVID
-19 pandemic-a narrative review:Threr are three types of face masks under three classes of protection, each with an assigned protection factor which indicates the degree to which the mask will reduce concentration of the hazardous substance on a surface. Type-IIR fluid resistant surgical face masks is used to protect the wearer against droplets. It minimises dispersal of large respiratory droplets and protects staff against both droplet and contact transmission. it protects against transmission through droplets if worn by the healthcare worker within 1-2 m of the patient with a risk reduction rate of about 80%.
Filtering facepieces (FFP2, FFP3 and N95) are terms used in reference to high performance filtering masks that is the ability of the masks to filter droplets from entering the human body or respiratory tract. The designation N95 means that under test conditions, the respirator blocks at least 95% of solid and liquid aerosol test particles. Thus, the FFP3 mask is likely to be twice as effective as the FFP2 mask, and both masks are equivalent or superior to an N95 mask. However, FFP2/3 and N95 masks do not work unless they fit well to the face and create a seal.

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