Once upon a time, a successful businesswoman was becoming of age and felt that it was about time to choose a heir to take over her business. The woman decided to do things differently instead of chosing one of her children, she decided to call all the young executives in her company to a roundtable saying: “It’s time for me to step down and choose the next Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and I have decided to choose one person amongst you. ”

As the woman boss continued, the young executives were shocked but listened to her as she continued.
“I am going to give each one of you a Seed today. One very special Seed and I want you to plant the seed, water it, and come back to me one year from today with what you have grown from the seed that I have given you. I will choose will be the next CEO by judging the plants that you bring and how big it may have grown.”

A woman, named Maryam, was there on that day. She also like the other young executives, has received a seed. When she got home, the women excitedly told her husband the whole story. The husband helped the woman look for a container (a pot), soil and compost and the woman planted the seed. Everyday, she would water it and watch to see if it had grown.

About three weeks later, some of the executives began to talk about their seeds and how it has started to grow, how beautiful the germination is and how the plants blossomed.

Although Maryam kept checking her seed, nothing started growing. Weeks went by and yet nothing happened. Meanwhile, others had starting talking about their plants. This made Maryam to feel like a failure. They mocked her, and made fun of her seed.

Belong long, all the executives had tall trees and plants. Maryam had nothing. Maryam became patient and calm. She continued to water the seed. She didn’t say a word to her colleagues. Maryam kept watering and fertilizing the soil.

About a year later, all of Maryam’s counterparts brought their plants to the businesswoman for inspection. Maryam didn’t know what to do. She does not want to be scolded for the poor performance. She told her spouse that she will not take a dead seed or an empty pot to her boss. Maryam’s spouse asked her to be patient, and reveal the truth about what happened to her CEO. Maryma felt embarrassed. She remembered what her husband told her. She knows that it is the right thing to do.

Maryam took the pot. Looked at it. The seed has not grown. She wondered how her counterparts will behave towards. She knows that she will be ridiculed and treated as a loser. But,she decided that it Is better to go with the truth.
Maryam arrived at the office. All her counterparts displayed variety of plants that they have grown. The plants were beautiful and had fruits in various colors and sizes.

Maryam came forward. She placed the empty pot on the floor in tears. Many of Maryam’s colleaques began to laugh. However, only a few felt sorry for her.

moments later, the business woman walked in. She greeted everyone smiling. 
Maryam covered her face in shame. She hid herself behind one of her colleaques.

“Amazing people. See how beautiful your plants have grown, beautiful trees, awesome flowers and fruits. You guys always make me proud. You guys have done very well.” The woman said. “One of you will be appointed the next Chief Executive Officer. I can’t wait to discover who this person is.”
She asked each and every executive how they got their seed to grow. Each one described how much hard work, they have put in, watering the seed, ensuring a smooth growth.
Suddenly, the business woman sighted Maryam hiding behind one of the executives and holding an empty pot. No sign of plant growing.
The woman called her personal assistant to bring Maryam to the high table. Maryam became terrified. She said to herself: “I am about to be fired. Everyone knows that I am a failure”

As Maryam got to the hightable, the woman asked her why her seed did not grow. Maryam told the women the whole story.

The woman suddenly got up. She asked everyone to stand up and clap for the new CEO. She then announced to the gathering that a new CEO has been identified.
“Behold! A new Chief Executive Officer is here. And her name is Maryam!”

Maryam couldn’t believe it. She has not been able to grow her seed at all. And she is made the CEO? This is unbelievable. This is impartiality”. The others said in anger.

The woman replied: “365 days ago, I summoned all of you and gave each and everyone of you a seed. I instructed you to take the seed with you, plant it, take care of it, water it, and bring it back to me. But, the seeds I gave you were already dead seeds, all boiled seeds with no possibility to grow. 365 days later which is today, all of you, with the exception of Maryam brought back to me trees, plants and flowers. You substituted my seed with another seed, knowing fully that the seed will not grow. Only this woman, Maryam had the wisdom, the courage and honesty to bring to me a pot with the seed that I gave you inside. Thus, Maryam is the right candidate to be named the Chief Executive Officer!”

Moral of the story
What ever you reap, you sow. If you plant goodness, you will reap goodness, if you reap hardwork, you will reap success, and greatness.
Have faith and trust in Allah, and He will see you to greatness, contentment and success both in this world and the next

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