Best Agri-Business ideas for 2020
Unemployment is largely due to the phenomenal migration to the urban centres and the inability of these urban centres to absorb the labour force created as a result of the urban population. This coupled with the covid-19 pandemic has created more gaps in the unemployment sphere and made many people redundant. One of the best ways to create employment is through investment or diversification to the agri-business sector.
Agri-business revolves around productive resources like food crops, seedlings, fertilizer, equipments, pesticides, machineries etc. and commodities like raw and processed food and fibre.

The business opportunities in the agri-business are on the verge of a huge revolution. Most especially as the process of modernizing the entire global food value chain has already commenced. This is with the intent to double the food production in the next ten years. Agri-businesses have excellent export prospects.
Below are some agro business ideas you can start immediately:
Fish Farming
Fish farming is a type of business whereby artificial breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish through the early life stages.
Fish farming is s profitable venture to start and is rapidly growing in popularity. One reason for the rising number of fish farmers is the increased demand for fish as food and as more and more people continue to recognize the benefits of fish in their diets instead of beef or other protein sources.
Food Processing
Food is processed by milling food grains e.g. rice, wheat, maize, cassava, millet etc. Different varieties types of grains are used to prepare different foods. These are Rice flour, Wheat flour, Maize flour, Rice gris, Maize grits, Wheat grits, Cassava flour, etc
The Production process is very simple and can be done using the grinding machines for a start and on a small scale basis.

Most of all the junk foods we eat presently are made from flour. These include Cakes, Pizza, Samosa, Burger, Doughnut, etc. There are different types of flours and each is dependent on the raw materials used to produce the flour.

Fruit Juice Production and packaging

Fruit juice production and packaging are a highly profitable business. You can establish a fruit juice processing plant )Orange Juice, Banana Juice, Mango Juice, Pine aple Juice etc). The processes are very simple.
Groundnut Oil Production
Groundnut oil production is one of the most profitable food processing businesses. It requires little capital investment and can be operated as a small scale business. The oil that is extracted from groundnuts is very healthy and suitable for human consumption. In Northern Nigeria, the groundnut extract called kuli-kuli or groundnut cake is very useful in spice making and using as food additive. And also as additive for animal feeds.

Groundnuts have high export potential too. Nuts can be used as snack, used also to soak garri and for peanuts making. Mandawa, referred to in Northern Nigeria.
Rice Milling
Rice milling consists of a paddy cleaning, Shelling, separating and a polishing. Rice milling is one of the most profitable food processing and agribusiness.
Spice Processing
Spice processing and packaging is one of the most lucrative food processing business that can be initiated on a small and medium scale. Spices range from ginger, chili, cumin, turmeric, chili, etc used as taste enhances in cooking. Spices can also be in powder or grits form or mixed spices which is much more profitable.
In conclusion, we hope that the above agri business ideas will inspire you to take a decision for initiating an agri-business. It is advised that you assess and find the suitable agribusiness that suits you best and fits your skills, experience, expertise and knowledge.

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