Using digital tools for assessment has the following benefits:

1. To enrich Feedback

Online interactive forums, such as emails, blogs, voice boards can enrich feedback and help clarify learning standards and goals while overcoming time and distance

2. Timeliness:

Interactive online tests and hand tools e. g voting devices and internet-connected mobile phones can be used for on-demand, learner-based, formative assessment

3. Originality

Online tools and other technologies allow students to rehearse real-world skills and experience both success and failure

4. Speed:

Online assessment tools provide instant feedback to both learners and teachers, providing robust information for curriculum review and quality assurance processes. It also provides easy transfer of data between institutions.

5. Self-regulated learning:

Portfolios and blogs can generate ownership of learning and
promote critical thinking skills, in turn improving performance

6. Efficiency:

Online technology enables the assessment of skills and processes that were previously difficult to measure. It can add a personal quality to feedback, even in large-group contexts, and, through efficiencies gained from asynchronous communication and automate marking, can enable practitioners to make more productive use of their time

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