About Askdemy

Askdemy is a Question & Answer site and a social network platform that focuses on creating a well researched and authentic content to ease the life of the ordinary

We provide and share well researched content that eases the life of the global community** while enabling individuals to ask and answer questions and create polls for various topics.

The Mission

To be Africa’s largest and highest quality handbook which shares useful advice, tips, while providing effective solutions to the common issues affecting an average person.

The Vision

To create a solution-based collection of answers to the most sought after, frequently asked or searched questions on the internet therebyeasing the lives of the ordinary people (women, men, youths,researchers, professionals, careerpersons, corporate officials, government agencies, brands, financial institutions, oil companies, NGOs, INGOs, etc)

Our Team

Our team is made of hundreds of people who wish to provide answers to the issues affecting the global community in Africa.

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